New cruise liner Britannia.

New cruise liner Britannia.

New cruise liner Britannia added to P&O Cruises fleet. Queen did the traditional smashing of a wine bottle against ship. The ship was built in Italy at the cost of £473 million and it can carry 3,647 passengers and 1,350 crew members in it. There are 18 decks where 15 of them are for passengers, 13 bars and 13 places to eat, a three-tier atrium, a 936-seater theater, four swimming pools, and a multimillion-pound art collection. other facilities include one spa, children’s areas, a gym, a library, extensive shops and a sports arena.

Britannia is expected to visit 57 ports in 31 countries in its first year, where it will sail more than 90,000 miles (144,841km).

Its maiden cruise, starts Southampton on March 14, 2015 and it will be a 14-night western Mediterranean sailing where it will call ports of Barcelona, Monte Carlo and Rome.

Cruise Liner Captain Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison.

Cruise Liner Captain Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison.

Italian cruise ship captain whoa was responsible for the death of 32 passengers on board the passenger ship Costa Concordia has been found guilty of manslaughter and was sentenced to 16 years in prison.
Captain Francesco Schettino was on the control bridge when the ship Costa Concordia run aground, hit rocks and sank in 2012, thus killing of 32 passengers on-board. At the time of the incident nearly 4,000 passengers and crew were there in the luxury liner. As per the Investigators, they had severely criticised his handling of the disaster and did accused him of bringing the 290m-long vessel too close to shore line when it struck rocks off the Tuscan island of Giglio.

Actually the prosecutors had sought a 26-year jail term but the court sentenced Schettino to 10 years for multiple manslaughter, five years for causing the shipwreck and one year for abandoning his passengers.

Because of the accident five crew jailed for manslaughter for up to two years and 10 months


Marine Science Experts Gathering – University of New England.

Marine Science Experts Gathering – University of New England.

More than 30 marine science experts and industry leaders from the U.S. and around the world gathered at the University of New England (UNE) on October 16-17, forming the Northeast Eel Aquaculture Team (NEAT) to assess the possibility of developing eel aquaculture. If feasible, eel aquaculture production could lead to a significant increase in marine jobs and revenue for Maine and greater New England. The NEAT conference organized a round table of university professors, eel aquaculture experts, fishermen and marketing experts to review the current state of European and North American eel biology, ecology, and aquaculture. Currently, glass eels (elvers) are harvested in Maine, shipped overseas to Asia to be grown in aquaculture ponds and tanks, and then end up back in the U.S. as sushi. If eel aquaculture production occurred domestically, they could be processed into valuable U.S. products for domestic sushi markets and could help restore North America’s wild adult eel population. Keynote speakers at the conference included Ep Eding, a European expert in eel fisheries and aquaculture from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, and Professor Ken Oliveira from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. “Eels are the second most valuable fishery, after lobsters, in the state of Maine,” said Barry Costa-Pierce, Ph.D., Henry L. and Grace Doherty Professor, chair of the Marine Sciences Department and director of the Marine Science Center at UNE. “Elvers are only fished commercially in Maine and South Carolina, and in 2012-2013 prices skyrocketed to more than $1,000 per pound. It’s extremely important that we work together to not only ensure a sustainable eel fishery, but also to add value to the resources we have here in Maine by developing eel aquaculture. We’re going to gather again to continue our discussions about this, as well as develop new opportunities for grants and industry partnerships at the upcoming conference in Portland in January.” Findings from the conference are available online and will be discussed at the Northeast Aquaculture Conference and Expo (NACE) to be held January 14-16, 2015 in Portland. The NEAT workshop was funded by the USDA Northeast Regional Aquaculture Center and by the University of New England’s Marine Science Center, a university-wide center for excellence. Source:

South Korea Ferry with 470 passengers Sunken in the Yellow sea.

Latest News.
Up to 121 people were confirmed dead and 181 still listed as missing. According to available news nearly 300 people were killed in the accident. There were  323 high school students on the ferry, which was carrying a total of 476 people altogether.Even the Master of the vessel escaped from the scene, seven of the 29 crew members are missing or dead. Mean while many of those crew members who survived but stayed on or near the ship to help passengers by breaking the windows.

9 crew members including the Captain of the vessel are under arrest. According to one crew member when they tried to launch the lifeboats, but the ferry was tilted too far.

As per available news, Captain Lee Joon-seok asked the passengers to stay in their cabins as the ferry listed and filled with water. Then he took at least half an hour to order an evacuation and apparently escaped on one of the first rescue boats.

Earlier News.
According to the local police, a South Korean teacher who had survived from the disaster had committed suicide after leaving a note that read: “Please hold me responsible for all of this. I pushed for the school excursion. Cremate my body and spread my ashes over the ship sinking site. I may become a teacher again in the afterlife for the students whose bodies have yet to be found.”

Older News.
A South Korean ferry which was carrying more than 470 people including students and teachers capsized and taking water in the sea off Jindo. Rescue teams are working hard to save lives while reports says that a passenger had already found dead.

As per the news there were nearly 338 high school students and teachers on board the vessel. Passengers were asked to wear their life jackets and jump in the sea to save their lives. Coast guard helicopters are deployed in rescuing the passengers from the sinking ferry which was on the way to the southern island of Jeju when the incident occurred.

There are no news about the fate of the ship officers and the crew members.

Latest information.
3 people are dead and 292 are missing.
There were 30 crew members on board the vessel.
The sea temperature around that area was 12 degrees Celsius (54 F), cold enough to cause signs of hypothermia after about 1 ½ to 2 hours of exposure due to that cold.,

Ghost ship with cannibal rats going to UK?.

cruise ship
There are rumors spreading all over UK  that a Russian cruise ship Lyubov Orlova is full of cannibal rats.and it can hit the British or Ireland shores at any day soon. But it seems to be a hoax. The ship was built in1976 in Yugoslavia after operation difficulties it was sold to scarp in 2013.

As per the available news that the cruise ship Lyubov Orlova broken loose last year when it was being towed to a scrap yard in Dominican Republic and it was drifting around the Atlantic, there after.

As per the the UK coastguard they hadn’t “received no sightings of the former Soviet cruise ship Lyubov Orlova since April last year and there is no evidence to suggest it is still afloat”.

Richard Fisher, deputy editor of BBC Future, said one certain truth had emerged. “There are still vast swaths of our planet’s surface in which it’s surprisingly easy to lose things. Even a ship the size of a large building.

Read more about this cruise ship.

11 North Korean Seafarers missing.

A North Korean ship M/V Grand Fortune 1 which was carrying a cargo of iron ore to China with 16 North Korean seaman sunk off sunk off the southern coast of South Korea. The Mongolian registered ship earlier sent out distress signal early on Friday in waters about 130km south of the southern port city of Yeosu. Three seamen are rescued by the South Korean coastguard while two other bodies were found and the search is going for the missing seafarers. Rescued crew members are under going treatment at the South Korean hospital. As per the South Korean coast guards they had sent out 13 vessels and 6 aircraft to search for the missing crew as there is high wind bad weather prevailing in the region slow down the search process.

Container Ship Grounds in Hong kong.

One German flagged container ship named as M/T Hansa Constitution ran aground in Hong Kong due to hig monsoon winds when the ship was not under control due to loss of power (mechanical malfunction). The incident took place off the Pok Fu Lam residential district on the west side of Hong Kong Island.

The container vessel which is about 193 meters long, 34,954 deadweight tons with 6 cargo holds can transport 2,810 TEUs was on the way to Chiwan in Shenzhen.

So far there are no visible damages, skull leaking, oil spillage or any injuries to officers or crew members was reported. It may take some time to find out the damage caused to the ship, once it is dry docked and go under the related surveying.

Already the local tugboats had towed the ship to safe place in the seas.

View the YouTube Video through this link.

Another kind of Hazard for Tanker Crew.

Another kind of Hazard for Tanker Crew.
In the recent times rebel Governments are selling their petroleum products for survival. While the legitimate Governments are against these crude oil sales and they used to target those tanker ships. The innocent merchant marine officers and the crew are too can be injured or can subject to psychological harm when the other parties try to capture the ship and its cargo.
In the recent event a North Korean registered tanker ship which was carrying 234,000 barrels was captured by the American Navy as per the request of the Libyan Government request. It was said that the cargo was sold by rebels who are in control of the Es Sider port, Libya.
The American forces with the help of Navy helicopters took control of the tanker and the vessel is now heading towards Libya’s main port under control of the Government.
Mean while North Korea said that it had cancelled the flag registration of the vessel which was operated by an Egypt-based company. Now it is not known what will happen to the tanker ship M/T Morning Glory which was carrying a cargo of oil owned by the Libyan government National Oil Company as the ship and its cargo were illicitly obtained.

Cargo Ship Broke in to Two.

A cargo ship of Spain was broken in to two parts after it hit the break water wall off the southwestern coast of France, when its engine stopped function. High winds and waves pushed it in the wall when it was unable to maneuver and the empty cargo ship broken in to two pieces. Crew members numbering 12 were at that time of the incident rescued by two helicopters one by one.
There is small amount of oil pollution is seen and the officials said that pollution condition is under control.

Mean while a cargo ship sank with 12 Indian crew members off the cost of Yemen when it was carrying tyre and automobile parts. It was said that the Yemen authorities happened to know about the tragedy after 10 hours only. Heavy winds and high waves in that area hampered the rescue of the Indian sailors. According to the ship’s owner the ship was sailing from UAE to Al Mukalla port in Yemen. Initial reports say that the vessel sank off the coast of Al Shehar in the Yemen’s southeastern Hadramout province.

West Africa Pirates Capture Tanker?

According to Greek based owner Dynacom, a 75,000 DWT Liberian flag tanker M/T Kerala which was having a cargo of gas-oil, lost contact with them on 18th January 2014 when it was 7 NM from the Angolan capital Luanda. In a report they said that “It is suspected that pirates have taken control of the vessel,”
Pirates’ attacks are in the increase around the coast of West Africa specially near to Nigeria where ships used to sail with oil products. Pirates used to siphoning oil from the vessel to smaller ships and leave them to be released. Some time they keep the ship crew members to get ransom money form shipping companies.