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Yacht Crew Jobs.

Yacht crew jobs are widely available in developed countries and in popular tourist destination countries. Yachts are owned by private people and companies that are offered for hiring and luxury yachts are too there owned by rich people fore their personal use and owned by companies that used to hire them.

  • Masters

  • Mate (1st, 2nd and 3rd)

  • Able Seaman (A.B)

  • Deckhand

  • Engineer officers

  • Assistant Engineer

  • Oiler/Wiper

  • Chief Cook/Chef

  • Steward

Most of these Yacht jobs are seasonal or permanent ones. But the Yacht crew jobs are always available as there is always need for maintain the Yacht whether it is sailing or not. Some time these crew members will have to stay near the port and have to visit the port and does the regular maintenance work every day from the morning till evening.

The owners will provide the accommodation food and the monthly salary.

Yacht Crew Jobss

These crew members must be able to provide valuable information like where the tourist can go for deep sea fishing, lonely Island spots for their pleasure trip, assisting in communication and many other things for the Yacht hiring tourist and it will be rewarded with handful of tipping money. Most of the Yacht crew members used to make more on their tips and returning tourist.

To get this job it is better for you to be an old hand of a sea going merchant ship with regular certificates. The kinds of Yacht crew jobs are mostly available in Greece, Turkey, Italy, Cyprus and many other Mediterranean countries with good salary and packages.

Most of the owners don't offer contracts but used to hire the crew in a good manner that is suitable for both parties. Only thing is that you have to make the owner to be confident in you and your work to long last in that job offer.

Most of the owners want the crew members to look after their in tidy, polished condition and in perfect working condition. Another thing the owner of the Yacht want from the crew is to take care of the Yacht whenever there is any rough sea condition while the Yacht is along side in the port.

When the Yachts are at port for the off season, the crew may not have electricity and running water to do their regular works.

These luxury Yacht and smaller Yacht jobs are available mostly through the crewing agents. Specially in European countries before staring of the summer season.