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Waterfront Job Training Available for People Around Staten Island.

Most young people around Staten Island don't see the prosperous seaman jobs that are available around their area. Every day if you watch carefully you can notice Cruise ships, Ferries, Merchant vessels, Oil Tankers, Oil rigs, Tugboats, Tall Ships and Yachts used to pass around there. Many of these vessels are looking for crew members and maritime officers to operate them.

The job opportunities on these kinds of vessels are wide open to those people who have proper training and certifications as most of the crew working on board these vessels are out of state people.

If you are interested in joining these waterfront jobs, there is one Seaman Institute, which is operating in Livingston. There are many jobs opening for the Tugboat Alley where certified seaman is required to fill them.

At this popular Seaman's Institute you can find Coast Guard-approved courses in navigation, laws, ship construction, cargo and deck seamanship, line handling, lookout, survival, firefighting, pollution, towing and celestial navigation.

All students after successfully completing their coursework can sit for the Coast Guard exam at the Institute.

This is one of the best carrier paths for the young people specially for those who are living in the Staten Island.

To learn more about the Seaman's Institute, call 718-442-5171, e-mail or visit