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Temporary ship jobs.

Many container ships operating in the Africa region are not manned properly as they don't have port calls from their Middle East base up- to the beginning of the Africa cost. These ships used to get some local seaman in the first calling port to work in the ship. Normally they don't have a contract to work onboard.

They are well paid for their duties on board, according to the region's salary basis. Most of these people's job begins with unlashing and lashing containers in position. Also they will assist the ship officers in securing the ship along side in ports and while departing the port after loading or discharging containers in the African region ports.

Also this temporary crew will do maintenance works like chipping and painting the ship while the ship is streaming from one port to another in the African region.

These temporary ship workers will get common accommodation and meals on board the ship while they are working in the ship for the particular trip. They are given these free of charge along with laundry soap and detergent powder for cleaning purpose.

Their stay on board the ship may last for about 10 to 15 days and the ship agents will handle their payments and immigration paper works.

This job is like American and Australian seasonal workers and don't have any job guarantee for them from the ship owner or the ship operators.

This kind of manning of container ships are not good for the International seaman community, but are very profitable for the shipping community where they don't have to pay for the regular seaman to keep onboard.