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Tanker Vessels.

There are much kind of tanker vessels operating in the seas and rivers all over the world. They are used to transport many kinds of cargos while some are operating as bunker vessels. These bunker vessels are used to supply heavy fuel oil, diesel oil and lubricants to the other vessels for their operations and voyages.

To work in the tankers officers and crew members must have a special tanker familiarization certificate according to their rank other than the normal required short course certificates required by the STCW.

  • Oil Tanker Training Programme.

  • Liquefied Gas Tanker Training Programme.

  • Tanker Familiarization Training Programme.

  • Chemical Tanker Training.

If any one taking a seaman job on a tanker it is advisable to make it 6 months or less month’s contract. Otherwise the seaman may have the risks of having health related problem in the future.

Types of Tanker vessels

  • Crude oil carrier

  • LNG carrier

  • LPG carrier

  • Gas Carrier

  • Chemical carrier

  • ULCC

  • VLCC

As of today the very large tanker ships like ULCC and VLCC are very les in operation. Also some tankers as ore bulk oil carrier or combination carrier or OBO are used to bring bulk dry cargo like wheat or mineral sand from one port and on the return voyage used to carry crude oil in bulk in the same tanks.