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Somali Pirates hijack 4 vessels in one week.

Somali pirates are very successful this as they have hijacked the 4th ship this week. It seems many foreign collaborators are supporting them in the piracy trade by providing them with the necessary speed boats and ammunitions for the attacks. Every body is talking about action against the Somali pirates and nothing is happening.

The seafarers are in deep trouble when travelling these pirates’ areas. No sleep no rest and under pressure. They are helpless. Those people in the A/C rooms are getting their subscription money from them and enjoying their life while the ship crew who are under captivity in pain and waiting for their release from those pointing weapons.

The vessel Asian Glory was seized near the Somali coast with10 Ukrainians, 8 Bulgarians, 5 Indians and 2 Romanians as captive while they were working as crew members onboard that vessel.

Earlier chemical tanker M/V Pramoni, bulk carrier MV Navios Apollon, MV St. James Park was captured by the Somali pirates with their crew members onboard for ransom money.