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Seaman Insurance.

The entire seaman who are working on board the ship or who are on the way to join the ships are covered by the shipping companies' insurance policy coverage. If any of the crew members or merchant officers are injured on board ship will be taken to any of the good hospital and will be given treatment and if they are disabled the shipping company must pay the compensation for the seaman according to the injury.

What our advice to the crew members and the officers are to follow the rules and regulations of the trade.

If possible take a good insurance policy that will cover the overseas and the kind of job you are doing. it will be an expensive insurance policy but it is better to have with you.

Always wear proper clothing and safety gears provided by the ship. if you don't have them and met with an accident you can't claim compensation for the accident.

Don't drink on board sleep good and accepts over time works that can reduce your rest time which can lead to accidents.

Always be a member of your country's seaman union.

If possible become as a member of the ITF. (Don't make full confident on the ITF inspectors in some of the third world countries.).

Also if you or your mate is met with an accident inform to the labor union in the port where ship is staying or going to dock.

The harbor master is also a powerful man who can assist you in emergencies.

Never accept repatriation before a good lawyer is fixed by you to handle the claim. Some lawyers will claim 10% of the total claim.

Some shipping companies get the Insurance money on behalf of the injured seaman and they keep it themselves instead of providing it to the seaman. In such case you can wait for that company any of the ship to arrive in your country and take legal action to arrest it to get your failed compensation money from the shipping company owners.

There is P&I Club which used to help the shipping company in many ways.

BUDD will arrange for the disembarkation of any sick, injured or deceased crew member/non-crew member, even from a vessel on the roads.

Personal Injury Claims.

Should a claim be lodged against the insured/P&I Club, our highly qualified team of international maritime lawyers with its wealth of experience and local knowledge is available to negotiate, coordinate and advise.

P&I Club

Seaman Insurance.