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Seafarer Safety Equipments.

Seafarers specially working onboard cargo ships, Tankers, and chemical tankers must take care to protect from accidents and related dangerous events. All the shipping companies say that they provide adequate Insurance for their ship crew and officers. But when an accident occurs the insurance company used to check whether the injured seaman was wearing the necessary safety equipments to prevent such accident.

Most companies just send the injured seaman through the agent to the nearest hospital and used to leave the port on its next voyage. The injured seaman some time left with out nothing and no one to care once the ship leaves the port. If the seaman want to claim his losses due to the injury is difficult one unless he catches the ship in his own country if it visit there for loading discharging, bunkering, to get provisions or repair.

Other wise it will be a long lasting procedure for the injured seaman to get his claims for the injuries or disability.

It is very important for all the ship officers and seaman to use the safety boots, crash helmets, protective gloves, protective goggles, coveralls, safety belts and other necessary gadgets that may required for other special works. When you join onboard the vessels don't hesitate to get all the necessary safety gears from the officer in charge.

This is for to protect your life and for the family depending on you. When an accident occurs at your work place the authority will try to make the blame on you and leave you with out any support.

Also there are many machinist got injured because of their long hair that used to get got trapped in the rotating drillers and motors. Many Able seamen had fallen down and injured or dead from booms and derricks due to not wearing safety belts. Many other incidents and injuries too were occurred due to negligence of the seaman.

As a seafarer it is always better for you to get an Insurance policy in your home country that can cover any accidents that may occur in any part of the world. it may be little expensive when compared to your local insurance coverage price. But if you love your loving family it is your duty to get the necessary insurance before you join any merchant vessel or any cruise ship.

Don't always trust your shipping company as many of them abandon injured seaman and run away.

Also become as a member in any professional seaman body or International seaman unions that can assist you in case if you need any assistance in hospital and repatriation back to your home. Most of the local seaman unions are not very efficient to assist the injured seaman in a foreign country.

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