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Seafarer joining a new ship.

When a seafarer joining a new ship must take note of the entrance paths and emergency escape paths for to safeguard his life in the event of accidents, flooding, fire and collision that the ship can get involve. All the seamen must understand and remember that their vessel is the best place for their survival in the ocean rather than abandoning it.

Once you had joined a new ship walk to the mess room 3, 4 times from your new cabin. If you are going to work in the bridge or engine room walk 2, 3 times in the first day to be familiar with the path if there is no lift service. Also check the path to the gangway, the forward deck and aft deck from your cabin.

Then try to know about the emergency exit and the muster area path where the life boats are located. Don't be shy or afraid of other people as many new seafarers had got in to many problems when they had replaced an entire old crew with new crew members.

Also check where the fire hydrants are placed, fire extinguishers and their usage fire alarms and the alert buttons to alert in case of fire or any other hazards.

Leave the cabin light or keep the bath room light on and leave the bathroom door opened when you are going to sleep on the first night in the new cabin, as many seafarers were usually get confused in the middle of the night when they get up suddenly after a long tired journey while reaching to join the ship.Keeping the luggage near to you will remain you that you had joined a new ship for to work.