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Register for ship Jobs.

Seaman jobs are not easily found. If you are a seaman you must need to wait for sometime as jobs may not available easily. You can register with directly contacting the shipping companies or can register with crewing agents.

To register you must have the following.

  • A passport with validity with more than 6 months, in some countries you must have 2 years validity.

  • Valid seaman book or crew discharge certificate record book with more than one year validity.

  • Health (Yellow) certificate with valid vaccinations including yellow fever. Also one recently took medical examination certificate from a recommended medical practice office which must include drug and alcohol free certificate.

  • Short courses like fire fighting, first aid, and survival at sea etc. These certificates must be in basic level for crew members, officers will need to have advanced certificates after doing the basic level certificates.

  • Visa size photos in 15 numbers.

  • A recommendation letter from the Master of last vessel you served or from the owners.

All the certificates must be photo copied along with the passport and seaman book pages should be submitted to the job provider.

It is better to get 5,6 sets of your documents and can register with as much as of the recruiting and crewing agents and the shipping companies. Also you can apply online for the seaman jobs with the seaman job banks.

If you got any job quickly tell to the other recruiting offices that you got a job so to remove your name from the job seeker list.