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Painting The Ship by Cew Members.

Able seaman may have to paint the ships out side, deck, cargo holds and tanks. Mean while engine room crew too can be requested to paint the engine room and the machineries too. All the ship crew must understand the paints that are used for to paint the ships can catch fire easily.

So they have to take utmost care to prevent the fire onboard the vessel when they are working with the paints. They have to stored in specially ventilated places and no open lights or smoking in that area are not allowed.

When painting closed areas like cargo holds, those areas should be ventilated through portable ventilators to provide good air for the crew to breath when they are painting manually. If they happened use spray painter to painting they should have special masks to protect them and should be replaced by another crew member after working certain minutes and also the crew member must have an assistant to look after for needed assistance in case of emergencies.

When requested to paint the ship side it is necessary to take utmost care not to pollute the surrounding sea. In some ports such jobs can't be performed, so tae care not to violate the law. When going to paint through the rope ladder, don't forget to wear your safety equipments as requested by the ship mates or by the boson.

Like wise if there is necessarily to paint the area near the propeller it is very important to report the event to the engine room not to rotate the propeller shaft as it can damage the pontoon and can send the painting crew in a danger position or can endanger their lives.

When painting the engine room must take care not to paint hot surfaces as it may lead to fire in the engine room. Like wise when painting the engine manifolds or the surrounding areas, care must be taken to select paints that can withstand high temperatures other wise there are chances for the area to catch fire when the engines start running.

In the event of fire don't try to fight that fire alone as it can spread in minute. Quickly report it to the bridge and raise the fire alarm to get assistance.

There is no small fire or big fire all the fire that occur in the vessels can endanger the human life and can make massive damage to the property and ship's cargo too.