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Seaman Job Bank.

Seaman Job bank is designed to assist merchant ship crew, deck officers and engineering officers who are seeking proper job opportunities on board vessels. The other kind of officers and temporary ship job also can find information on available jobs on board ocean going vessels.

Seaman Jobs are lucrative ones, if you have the required education, certification and the necessary experience all over the world. But they are meant for educated professionally trained people. They must undergo learning the trade after their formal school education also must have to attend vigorous training courses.

Not only for this they are well paid but each seaman must be well prepared to face and act against hazards like piracy, fire, flooding, collision, bad whether, grounding, unexpected accidents related to their jobs, food and water shortages and many other things. Further more they have to stay away from their families during their contract period.

Like these things make the job a well paid one.

IMO is doing their best to make the seaman job a safer one and ships to be a safer place to work. The well paid ship jobs can be expected onboard cruise ships. Most of the cruise ship jobs are seasonal one as those ships are operating in the calm weather seasons only. There after come the container vessels jobs and the tanker, LPG, LNG vessel jobs in the salary rank.

Seaman Job bank is an online meeting place for Marine related job seekers and job providers. In the Job Bank those shipping companies and recruiting companies can register and post their available postings easily.

The merchant navy professionals who are looking for jobs as Masters, Chief Officers, Chief engineers, Second Engineers, Chief Cooks along with other officer rank, crew rank Jobs can be searched over here. Also eligible Merchant marine officers and seaman can keep their profiles in the database for easy look up, if they are searched by the Shipping companies or Shipping Agencies.

Most of the Merchant ships need professionally trained, certified and in some cases experienced people to serve on board vessels according to International Maritime Law and to the laws of the flag state of the motor ship.

Take note some countries don't allow foreign mariners in their country flag ships. Even if they recruit you they may not pay the money as per their country contract instead they may pay you salary according to your country or according to the ITF agreed wages.

Some cruise ship jobs are little different from Merchant ship as they don't need much certification in the entertainment and personal care sectors. Also if you haven't sailed for the last one year then you must visit your maritime school or recruiting agent to find out whether any certificate update is necessary for you to sign a ship job contract.

Check with them whether your certificates are acceptable for the current STCW. In some courtiers you will need to re register with the Ministry of shipping if didn't sail for the more than one year. Don't be hurry to take medical fitness certificate unless you are ready to sign a job contract. Some time the crewing agent or manning agent will recommend you their own Medical officer to whom you have to go for to get the medical certificate.

Also there are plenty of seaman jobs available in the dry docks and ship repairing yards as they require to handle maintenance and repairing jobs onboard vessels that used to come for repairs, annual survey and certifications.

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