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New passenger ship safety recommendations.

IMO's maritime safety committee had met recently after the recent incident on the Cruise ship Costa Concordia and made many recommencements for the shipping industry to safe the lives of the cruise ship passengers and the crew members onboard of the cruise ships. Here you can read some of them which are agreed on the 90th session which was held from 16th to 25th May 2012.

  • carrying additional lifejackets, to be readily accessible in public spaces, at the muster/assembly stations, on deck or in lifeboats, so that in the event of an emergency passengers need not return to their cabins to retrieve the lifejacket stored there;

  • Reviewing the adequacy of the dissemination and communication of the emergency instructions on board ships;

  • Carrying out the muster for embarking passengers prior to departure from every port of embarkation, if the duration is 24 hours or more;

  • Limiting access to the bridge to those with operational or operationally related functions, during any period of restricted manoeuvring, or while manoeuvring in conditions that the master or company bridge procedures/policy deems to require increased vigilance (e.g. arrival/departure from port, heavy traffic, poor visibility); and

  • Ensuring that the ship's voyage plan has taken into account IMO's Guidelines for voyage planning, and, if appropriate, Guidelines on voyage planning for passenger ships operating in remote areas.