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How to become a seaman - Seafarer.

Seaman jobs are well paid and regulated by governments, shipping companies and IMO (International Maritime Organization) to maintain the safety of the vessel, crew, passengers and cargo along with quick transport service. These kind of maritime job requires doing duties even in server weather conditions at high sea.

Always these seafarers must be ready to handle emergency situations like fire, flooding, collisions, grounding, pollutions, piracy and many other hazardous situations working in group.

To become as a seaman you must have good knowledge of English as the job requires communication with Multilanguage speaking people where English is a common communicating language in today's' world.

Further more you must have to under go some short training and familiarization of the trade and have to pass medical fitness checks which will include color blindness check too.

Normally maritime jobs are divided in to two categories and they are as follows.

  • Officers. + Crew.


There are three kind of officer jobs are available on board large ships..

  • Deck Officers - Deck officers are responsible for the whole ship including passengers and cargo handling and planning and making the voyages.

  • Engine room Officers - Engine room officers are responsible for the ship's power supply and propulsion.

  • Communication officers who are in charge of shore to ship and vise versa communication and wether reports.

To become as an officer normally you should have passed high school in science subjects.

If have these education then must enroll in a maritime university, college or school. Most of the countries have their own government operated maritime schools. UK, Australia, India, Philippines and many other countries offer private universities and schools for foreign students at reasonable fee for maritime education.

Officers can become as Degree holders or diploma holders after studying 1-3 years.

In the mean time you have to work as cadet officers after completing 6-12 months of course study for to get work experience on board ships.

In the mean time you must get the following short courses certificates too.

Some of these must be in advanced courses certificates for the officers.

Fire fighting.

First aid.


And the necessary other certificates.

After completion of the course you will be issued with Ocean going or costal service. Depending on the certificates you can work under those operating vessels.

Further more after completion of 12 months of sea experience, you can select to study for the next upper stage officer certificate.

A deck officer can go up to Master level to command a ship.

An engineer officer can go up to Chief Engineer level to operate a ship.

Anyway all these certificates are issued for a certain period and they have to be renewed according to the expiration dates.

Galley Department which contains crew ranks of Chief cooks, second cooks stewards and many other rank must finish and get certificates from any available hotel schools along with the necessary short courses like firefighting, first aid, PSSR and other necessary certificates.

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