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Happy Xmas for 22 marine families.

22 Ship crew members family can celebrate their Xmas and New Year as they were released by Somali pirates along with their hijacked tanker. Their Italian tanker was attacked and captured by the Somali pirates in the month of February in the Indian Ocean. There after the tanker was taken to Somalia by the pirates and they demanded ransom money form the owners of the tanker ship.

There were 17 Indian crew members along with 5 Italian crew members on board the tanker vessel M/T Savina Caylynas captives for the last 10 months.

According to Somali pirates the ransom money was air dropped on board the deck and there after the vessel was released from their custody and sailing back to the high seas.

Mean while there are lot of sailors under the custody of the Somali pirates waiting for ransom money during this festive season.

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Somali pirates. Italian tanker seized by Somali pirates.


Somali pirates free Italian tanker after 10 months.