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Flags of Convenience campaign

The ITF is unique amongst international trade union organisations in having a powerful influence on wages and conditions of one particular group of workers, seafarers working on ships flying Flags of Convenience (FOCs). FOCs provide a means of avoiding labour regulation in the country of ownership, and become a vehicle for paying low wages and forcing long hours of work and unsafe working conditions.

Since FOC ships have no real nationality, they are beyond the reach of any single national seafarers' trade union.

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Report exposes slave-like conditions for fishers off New Zealand.

An investigation by Bloomberg Businessweek magazine has exposed conditions of near slavery being suffered by fishers in the seas off New Zealand, ahead of the release of the findings of a government inquiry into the industry.

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ITF takes tougher stance on arming ships against pirates.

The ITF (International Transport Workers' Federation) is now recommending the carrying of military guards on ships, and is recognizing the use of private armed guards, subject to certain conditions. However, it reaffirmed its position that seafarers should never be armed.

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