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Ferries, which are called as Ro-Ro, are normally used to transport passengers along with their vehicles to other destinations. Their operations are limited to no more than one week trips. Passengers don't get the entertainment like in Cruise ships but will get normal rooms with bed and food service.

In many part of the world these kinds of ferries are used by drivers of Trucks, Long vehicles which used to transport goods from countries divided by seas and oceans and to carry luxury busses with travelers who used to travel between countries along with cars and their drivers. Some countries like Greece, USA, Australia, UK, Indonesia and Philippines use them to operate between the islands of their countries to transport people and vehicles with goods.In the English Channel, there are many Ferries operating between UK and other European countries.

Officers and crew members, who are working onboard these vessels operating between different countries in International water, must have the required training and valid certificates that are required by the laws of the IMO. The contract period may vary from 6 months to one year depending on the operator or owner of the vessels.

There is always big demand for to have many stewards in this type of vessels to serve the passengers of these types of ferries. Most of the crew members are recruited as stewards in much number to serve on board these ferries. But due to available space problem in some ferries, 4 crew members must have to share a cabin which is usually certified according to the industry standards.So all these crew members who are working as stewards on board these kinds of ferries must be serving same shift of work time, other wise there will be disturbance for the seaman who are have finished their duties and having their rest time.

Most of the ferry companies used to sign contracts with the crew and officers who have working experience in the same ferry to make the operation of the vessel smooth. So once you had worked in a ferry your chance are bright to call back for the particular ferry job.

Also many of the ferry seaman and stewards regularly return to the same ferry after taking a given vacation period. The ferry company used to pay for the air tickets along with the compensated vacation salary.