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Cruise ships.

Cruise ships are called as floating luxury star hotels. Earlier they were called as passenger ships. These cruise ships are operating worldwide in the seven seas for to carry tourists on pleasure trips. Tourists who usually book for trips as passengers on board these cruise ships are mostly coming from rich families or middle class families.

Cruise ships are built with special technical aspects such as top class navigation system, early warning system, modern communication system along with the satellite phone facilities, latest survival crafts, lifts, escalators, helicopter landing pads and many more facilities. Some of these ships are used to carry nearly 3,000 passengers at a time.

These types of ships are numbered to be around 1,000 in major ship operating countries. They take people to different locations for pleasure trips all over the world to individual countries where tourist attractions are found while they are traveling between destinations the passengers on board were entertained and dined luxuriously in specially built halls and lounges.

harmony of the seas

Passengers have their separate luxury rooms with all the facilities along with their own mini bar. Because of the nature of the cruise ship business, there are many different kinds of jobs are available in different kind of fields. Thousands of people are employed to look after each section. The jobs can be divided in to some main categories such as deck officers, cadets, deck crew, engine room officers, cadets, engine room crew, catering crew, service providers and entertainers.

All the officers, crew and catering crew must have their professional marine schooling and certificates required as per the marine authorities of the International countries. Cruise ship companies won't recruit Deck, Engine and catering service providing crew and officers without these qualifications and certificates.

MS Harmony of the Seas is the world's largest cruise ship. It can carry nearly 6,360 passengers onboard it. MS Allure of the Seas is the second largest cruise ship in the world. The cruise ship Allure of the Seas can carry nearly 6,296 and around 2,296 numbers of cruise ship crew in it when it sails from ports to ports.

It is with 20 storey’s where it measures 1,187ft from bow to stern and comes with the width of 208ft.The cruise ship was launched in November 2009.

All the 4 largest cruise ships 1, 2, 3 and 4 belongs to Royal Caribbean International and another larger one "Symphony of the Seas" is expected to join their fleet by 2018.

Cruise ships.