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Cruise Ships Jobs.

Cruise ship jobs are highly paying one when comparing it to the same posts in the merchant vessels operating through out the world. Cruise ship job openings are published as passenger ship jobs in the media by the ship owners, operators and the crewing agents. These cruise vessels are specially built for entertainment purpose to cater rich people in the seas and around the popular tourist destination ports.

So they are built with all of the luxuries facilities, hospitality service and maintained perfectly to attract rich people to spend their vacation and relaxation for them, their families and friends happiness. Depending on the tour type and the cruise ship model they have to pay lot of money for a trip.

Most of the cruise ships have their own tour and operating plans to attract passengers to register with them for each trips depending on the tourist season.

As they travel between ports, passengers can go to interesting places while the ships are being docked at ports. This may take them to exotic places, beaches, museums, hotels and other entertainment places. But when they are sailing on board entertainment and fun loving events will be hosted in side the ship's Halls, Clubs, swimming pools and many other places which has been built for these purposes.

So there arises service providing people's need which should be arranged by the ship owner or by its agents. There are many kinds of jobs like officers and crew for deck, engine room and catering section are available in the cruise ships. Other than these jobs there are opening for medical staff,.

personal trainers, travel agents, bar stewards, bartenders, bedroom stewards , gift shop, positions , hospitality or hotel managers , photographers , deckhands , junior assistant pursers, pursers, IT staff, dance instructors, administration assistants, booking agents, customer service representatives,.

sales and marketing positions deck department, casino staff, cruise directors, cruise staff, DJ, entertainers, expedition leaders, gentleman host, hosts and hostesses, naturalists, production managers, shore excursion managers, shore excursion staff, water sports instructors, lifeguards, youth counselors, beauticians, cosmetologist, massage therapists, fitness directors, fitness instructors and many more professional jobs too available.

Finding suitable people for to fill these jobs are handled by the manning agents or crewing agents appointed by the ship owners or by the shipping companies directly. Mostly these jobs are contract basis for a fixed period of 6 months or for voyages. But the contracts will apply strict conditions for the worker with good salary and accommodation facility.

Good cruise ship owners don't charge any fee from their crew to join their ships. But there are some agents who acts as mediators used to charge reasonable amount of money from the new recruits to join cruise ships depending on the contract period. Most of the luxurious cruise ship companies are located in the USA, Europe and in well developed Asian countries like Japan and S.

Korea. They have shipping agents and crewing agents in most of the countries where registered seamen are available. For example they have cruise ship recruiting offices in Philippines, Ukraine and India.

In the cruise ship industry, it is prohibited for the crew to be in contact with the passengers unnecessarily.

Crew members are allowed to buy required products at duty free price once the vessels are in the international waters.

There are facilities available for the crew members to make calls to their loved ones and to send and receive telex messages while the passenger ship is steaming at the high seas.

Article by:.

Capt Dimitropoulos Vassilios.

Athens, Greece.