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Cruise Ship Job Scams.

Cruise ship job scams mostly originate from the Internet and Newspaper media. Most of them don't have the idea about the cruise ship related jobs while some of the scam people are cruise ship professionals and are looking for to make quick money from the people with their inside knowledge of the industry.

Very little of these people have their own web sites to do their business while many of them are using the free email providers to make their email accounts with attractive user name as cruiseshipjobsnow@ or cruisejobs@ and so on. They used to send emails to potential job seekers with fake cruise ship jobs.

Some time they used to cruise ship photos too inside of their email to make them believe in the email offer.

Their way is to claim money from the crew members, officer's artists and the service providers by requesting them to pay for one of these or for all.

  • Payment for making a contract.

  • Payment for the lawyer.

  • Payment for the visa

  • Payment for security and so on.

They will contact you regularly through email and even through international phone calls with commanding voice to get your money.

Once you had paid them their money those scam job providers will vanish in the air with your hard earned money with out any trace.

So if you are looking for cruise ship jobs try to contact the job providing company directly or through their registered shipping agents only. Don't forget the important thing which is to have your sea going training certificates to work onboard ships.