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As most of the modern ships got internet communication facility, it is easy for marine officers and crew find out what they want from the web sites. Even mariners can access the internet through their mobile phones, but it will be little expensive for them to use. Most of them specially want to send greeting to their loved ones at home. It can be done by ship based telegrams and fax but today’s communication facility allow them to send and receive Festival greetings through internet. Also it can be used to get technical trouble shooting manuals, Medical manuals and online messaging and chatting facilities. So it is now a necessary thing for all officers and crew to understand and use internet facility through a computer or mobile phones which are enabled to access the internet.

As a seafarer if you feel we missed some important links please send it to us at

Sea News





Maritime Global Net

Maritime Foundation

Shore to ship calling

USA Coast Guard

International Ship Medical Assistance

Maritime and coast guard UK

Malta Maritime Authority

USA Maritime Administration

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

Bahamas Maritime Authority


Cyprus Department of Merchant Shipping.

European Maritime Safety Agency.

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