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Cayuga Lake Cruises.

Cayuga Lake is located in the heart of Central New York, at nearly 40 miles in length and 3.5 miles maximum width, Cayuga Lake is the longest and widest of the Finger Lakes. It has a maximum depth of 382 feet.

Cayuga Lake Cruises began under its current ownership in April 2001. The Cayuga Lake Cruises Fleet began with the historic M/V Manhattan. Built in 1915 for the Rockaway Boat Lines in Brooklyn, it was used to ferry passengers back and forth across New York Harbor as well as to transport immigrants from Ellis Island to Manhattan.

Since the maiden Ithaca Voyage in 2001, the M/V Manhattan has entertained tens of thousands of people, both local and area visitors.

The jobs are available seasonally and suitable for American Citizen or LPR Holders with necessary certificates and licenses.

Read the web page well.

Cayuga Lake Cruises [Go here]

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